Recent UTC CECS Sponsored Program Activity
Dr. Ahmed Eltom and the Electrical Engineering Department received a software donation from Powersys Solutions.

Drs. Bryan Ennis, Associate Professor of Civil and Chemical Engineering, Bradley Harris, Assistant Professor of Civil and Chemical Engineering, Abdul Ofoli, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, David Giles, Assistant Professor of Biology, Geology, and Environmental Sciences, Dawn Ford, Executive Director of the Walker Teaching Resource Center, and Mr. Perry Storey, Director of the Challenger Center, received $74,906 from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to create remote laboratories for education at the high school level.

Drs. Bradley Harris and Soubantika Palchoudhury, Assistant Professors of Civil and Chemical Engineering, attracted $26,761 from the Tennessee Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners to improve the chemical engineering laboratories at UTC.

Drs. Kidambi Sreenivas, Abdollah Arabshahi, and Robert Webster (Mechanical Engineering) attracted $124,200 from the Tennessee Department of Transportation to improve the aerodynamic performance of boat tails that are used on class 8 trucks.

Dr. Kidambi Sreenivas and the SimCenter team received an additional $57,845 from Office of Naval Research to continue conducting research on the adaptive meshing of ship air-wake flowfields.

Center of Excellence in Applied Computational Science & Engineering 2016 Awards
Congratulations to the following recipients of research awards:

Abdollah Arabshahi, Robert Webster, Kidambi Sreenivas for “Computational Simulations of the Aerothermal Environment of Hypersonic Fight Vehicles”

Gregory Heath, Mina Sartipi, James Newman for “Intelligent Urban Planning”

T. Daniel Loveless, Kidambi Sreenivas for “Modeling Space and Defense Environmental Effects in Emerging Integrated Circuit Technologies”

James Newman, Kidambi Sreenivas, Robert Webster, Abdollah Arabshahi for “FUNSAFE Framework Development for Enhanced Multidisciplinary and Multiphysics Simulations”

Donald Reising, Mina Sartipi, T. Daniel Loveless for “Smart Buildings through Smarter Models”

Mina Sartipi, Craig Tanis for “Smart Urban Connectivity Powered by Mobility-on-Demand Public Transportation and Citywide Public Communications”

Nur Sisworahardjo, Abdollah Arabshahi, Kidambi Sreenivas for “Near Real-time Detection of Anomalous Power Consumption in Smart Power Distribution Networks”

Kidambi Sreenivas, Robert Webster, Abdollah Arabshahi, “Towards Simulation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in Offshore Settings”

Craig Tanis, Kidambi Sreenivas, “Optimizing FUNSAFE for Leadership-class Machines”

Robert Webster, Kidambi Sreenivas, Abdollah Arabshahi for “Numerical Simulations of Axial Compressor Flow Fields Employing Higher-Order Accuracy”

Dalei Wu, Yu Liang, Li Yang, Farah Kandah, Joseph Kizza, “Multiscale Serviceability Analysis and Assessment of Urban Infrastructure”

Other Internal UTC Awards
Endong Wang, Engineering Management & Technology, recipient of a 2016-2017 Ruth S. Holmberg Grant for Faculty Excellence for his proposal entitled “Robust Building Energy Performance Evaluation through Multi-criteria Benchmarking Approach”.

Weidong Wu, Civil Engineering, recipient of a UTC Faculty Grant in support of his proposal entitled “Finite element thermal crack analysis of prestressed double tee canopy beams”.

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