Dr. Li Yang

Dr. Li Yang


Dr. Neslihan Alp

In July, Dean Daniel Pack was pleased to announce two new appointments in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS).  UC Foundation and Chattanooga Manufacturers Association Professor and Director of the College’s Graduate Programs, Dr. Neslihan Alp,  was named as Associate Dean of the College, overseeing academic affairs and programs.  Dr. Li Yang, Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science, was named as the College’s Assistant Dean leading efforts to expand the footprint of College’s applied research initiatives in the region, the nation, and beyond.  Dr. Yang will also serve to coordinate day-to-day activities of the college.

Over her sixteen years with the University, Dr. Alp has provided outstanding leadership in teaching, research, community service, and academic administration, making her ideal in her new role advancing the goals and objectives of the College and the University.  Dr. Alp’s record in curricular innovation and academic program development will be of particular value as CECS seeks to effectively meet the workforce demands of the public and private sector for quality engineers and computer scientists.

Since joining the University in 2005, Dr. Yang has contributed greatly to research in her field, and is recognized as a national leader in cyber security and data science. Her scholarship and publications, in addition to her funded research totaling over $2.2 million over the past five years, have focused on effective collaborative research partnerships. Dr. Yang’s demonstrated success as an outstanding scientist will be a great asset as the College seeks to expand efforts to find technological solutions to societal problems through applied research.


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