Three new student service and outreach initiatives were established by the College this fall – a Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Program, the CECS Ambassadors, and a Community Service Internship Program.  All three of the initiatives are student led and are designed to effectively address the College’s commitment to student learning and community partnerships.

Recognizing that tutoring support in engineering and computer science courses was not available through the University-wide academic support programs, and was of particular need in connection with several 2000 and 3000 level courses, a group of student leaders started an effective, volunteer, Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Program assisting students with a variety of courses in engineering and computer science and mathematics.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science Student Ambassadors Program is a new initiative designed to provide service to the College, the University, and the extended Chattanooga community by organizing student representatives of  CECS as goodwill ambassadors.  The students provide assistance to the College in welcoming potential students,  CECS alumni,  friends,  community partners, and visitors. The Ambassadors also provide information and support events and activities sponsored by the College.  Students enrolled in each of the College’s disciplines comprise the Ambassador Corp, and are a welcome addition to all aspects of CECS outreach.

The College’s recently launched Community Service Internship Program is further evidence of CECS’ community service commitment. By partnering with community agencies, the internship program makes a difference in the lives of our student interns, and the life of our community. The CECS Community Service Internship pairs CECS undergraduate students with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to address community-identified projects in the Chattanooga region. The goal of the Internship program is to give students in engineering and computer science opportunities to gain real-world problem solving experience while contributing toward the Greater Chattanooga community.  This semester, Computer Science major Keith Hollingsworth is working with the Hamilton County Schools on several data analysis projects as well as assisting elementary and middle school  students and educators with instruction in coding and the use of various computer software programs.  The members of the newly established student organization, Girls in Computer Science, led by Grace McPherson, are also serving as volunteers assisting Hamilton County elementary and middle school educators.  The members are providing instructional support for teachers and individual assistance to students in grades K-8.

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