Initiative for Sustainable Growth of an Urban Campus

Dr. Jejal Reddy Bathi

As part of Environmental Protection Agency’s 2017 EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge, in alignment with the City of Chattanooga’s pollution control efforts and UTC’s  sustainability initiatives, a team of interdisciplinary undergraduate students developed a campus-wide stormwater management master plan. The plan primarily focuses on retrofitting gray infrastructure with green infrastructure to help mitigate pressing issues with stormwater on campus. The project demonstrates a retrofitting approach for effective stormwater management in a fully developed urban environment.

Under the direction of Dr. Jejal Bathi, Visiting Assistant Professor in the College’s Civil and Chemical Engineering Department, the team assembled relevant data through field surveys, from public domains, by interacting with the city engineers and the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC), and the UTC Department of Facilities Planning.

The Green Mocs Team membership consists of students in the CECS Civil and Chemical Engineering disciplines, as well as those from Business Management, Environmental Science, and Interior Architecture.

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