Order of the Engineers Spring 2018 Initiates

On April 12th, the College inducted fifty-four new members in the Order of the Engineer.  Drs. Gary McDonald and “Chuck” Margraves of the Mechanical Engineering faculty serve as advisors to the organization, and as representatives of the College at the Order’s  national level.  Founded in 1970, the Order’s mission and purpose is to foster a spirit of pride and responsibility in the engineering profession, to bridge the gap between training and experience, and to present to the public a visible symbol identifying the engineer.

With its credo, “ upholding devotion to the standards and dignity of the engineering profession,” the Order recognizes the importance of knowledge, ability, and ethics as essential characteristics of good engineers.   Members of the Order pledge to uphold the standards of the engineering profession, and are given a stainless steel ring to be worn on the little finger of their “working hands.” That visible symbol serves as a reminder to its wearer of the pledge made, while also serving as an public acknowledgement identifying the wearer as an engineer committed to excellence in his/her profession.

Order of the Engineer Initiates-April 12, 2018

  • Ali Fakher AL-Amri
  • Braulio Fabrizio Ferrando Alfonzo
  • Mazen Alzubaidi
  • Abdullah E. Bahkali
  • Devin Baker
  • Seth Logan Bishop
  • Jacob Lee Boyd
  • Natalie Burdine
  • Dagan H. Burnett
  • Kayla Brooke Calfe
  • Bradley Lane Campbell
  • Brandon Chase Clounch
  • Zachary Derksen
  • Gregory J. Draeger
  • Eric L. Endsley
  • Tyler Andrew Evatt
  • Michael Wade Fletcher
  • Cody Flowers
  • Kathleen Garrabrant
  • Michael Blevins Garrison
  • Wesley Gibson
  • Dustin Mitchell Gray
  • Nicholas Hall
  • Justin K. Harris
  • Ryan Edward Hastings
  • Ethan Hunter
  • Zachary Jenkins,
  • Brenden David Koon
  • Phillip Dean Langston Jr.
  • Chad Edward Littleton
  • Sara Emilee Lockhart
  • Jason Will Lynch
  • Tyler Douglas Marlow
  • Tejashkumar P. Patel
  • Charles Derek Patterson
  • Jessica T. Phillips
  • Bradley Aaron Polanco
  • Christopher Purvis
  • Clayton Raulston
  • Laura Fay Ryan
  • Brittany Ann Schidel
  • Maria Barbara Sevilla
  • Simar Singh
  • Noland Reid Smith
  • Robert Douglas Smith
  • Connor Douglas Strawn
  • Ty Aaron Tucker
  • Samuel Christopher Wade
  • Trevor John Wagoner
  • Grant Walters
  • Braden Grant Wells
  • Tre’ Deon Williams
  • Michael Brent Woods
  • Craig Youngblood

Tau Beta Pi – Engineering Honor Society

Spring 2018 Inductees:

Emily Chase, Aaron Crawford, Abigail Doyle, Hannah Gifford, Ashlin Perrucci, Hannah Margavio, Joshua London, Brenden Koon, Jordan P. Raines, Samantha Scott, William Strike, Nathan Stine

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