The ASEM held its International Annual Conference on October 17-19, 2018. The event was hosted by the University of Idaho, College of Engineering, Engineering Management Program in the city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Representing the University of Tennessee at Cahttanooga were  three faculty (Wolday Abhra, Dr. Ahad Nasab, and Dr. SeongDae Kim) and 3 students (Hana Karra, Raghda Mohamed, and Linda Erickson) attended and made presentations.


Reducing Steering Gear Handling Damages – the Six Sigma Way. Presented by Wolday Abrha. Team members or co-authors: Neslihan Alp and Tewodros Teklu (EMT alumnus).

Application of Lean to Reduce Inter-Plant Logistics: the Marine Industry Perspective. Presented by Wolday Abrha. Team members or co-authors: Rupy Sawhney and Enrique Macias deAnda (both from UTK).

Design of a Visual Board for a Manufacturing Cell. Presented by Linda Erickson. Team members or co-authors: Aldo McLean and Wolday Abrha.

An Experimental Adaptive Teaching Practice. Presented by Vahid Khiabani (from MTSU). Team members or co-authors: Ahad Nasab and Vishwas Bedekar (from MTSU).

Girls to Engineers Network (GEN). Presented by Hana Karra. Team members: Neslihan Alp, Raghda Mohamed, Louie Elliott, Trevor Elliott, Li Yang, and Mbaki Onyango.

Community Design Studio. Presented by Raghda Mohamed. Team member: Neslihan Alp, Hana Karra, Sarah Hathcock, Dana Moody, and alexandraHunt.


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