On April 16th, 2019, The College of Engineering and Computer Science welcomed a visit with Tim Barnes for the distinguished speaker series. Tim is currently the Managing Partner for ByteBackers on Atlanta, a database marketing consulting firm specializing in advising businesses in selling to consumer or B2B markets. The company provides expertise in CRM, customer segmentation, marketing analytics, and statistical modeling.

The topic of the talk was “Engineering Pathways: A Real-World Mix of Engineering and Business”

Tim has extensive experience in databased marketing, with particular expertise in B2B marketing. He also possesses broad experience in targeting customers for sales campaigns, focused on statistical propensity to buy modeling and customer segmentation. He has recent experience in the use of web tools for search engine optimization. Industry experience in telecommunications, health insurance and hospital marketing. His specialties include:

Databased marketing
Statistical modeling
CRM execution
SEO Web tools
Strategic planning
Network design



Learn more about the Speaker Series here.

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