College of Engineering and Computer Science will bring together donors, students, faculty and staff for annual awards dinner in April 2020.

Each year, the College of Engineering and Computer Science hosts a reception to recognize some of the top work of the department. The ceremony aims to bring attention to the hard work and dedication of students and faculty produced during the current academic year. This event represents the best of the college.

More than 200 students applied for college scholarships. Those selected by the college committee as recipients will be invited to the awards dinner. Students are recognized with academic and service awards as well as scholarships. Student organizations, local business/associations, and community leaders sponsor students to be honored with financial assistance.

The nights also celebrates student affiliation with prestigious groups on campus, such as Tau Beta Pi – Engineering Honor Society inductees, Order of the Engineer – Engineering Organization for Engineering Graduates, Student Government Association (SGA) Outstanding Seniors/officers, Outstanding Graduate Students, CECS Living Learning Community Awards, Dean’s Student Advisory Council, CECS Student Ambassadors and CECS Peer-to-Peer Tutors.

Faculty and staff members are also acknowledged for their performances. Each department nominates a professor to represent their outstanding teaching, service or research. University nominations for Lifetime achievement will also be recognized. Staff members are recognized for outstanding service in administration and student success.

College Awards Dinner
University Center Tennessee Room
Monday, April 6
Scholarship donors and recipients will be invited

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