CECS Students,
Thank you for your patience as we cope with an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We want to assure you that the college is doing everything we can to minimize the interruption to your education. To balance the needs for your safety and academic progression, we are transitioning to online instruction for all courses starting Monday, 23 March.

For each CECS course, you should receive an email from your instructor no later than today about what to expect moving forward. For laboratory courses, your instructor will inform you separately of a plan for you to complete the course. If at any point are unsure what to do, please send an email to your Department Head or the Dean’s Office, and we will assist.

Electrical Engineering: Dr. Abdelrahman Karrar, abdelrahman-karrar@utc.edu
Computer Science, Computer Engineering: Dr. Joseph Kizza, Joseph-Kizza@utc.edu
Engineering Management, Construction Management, Mechatronics: Dr. Ahad Nasab, Ahad-Nasab@utc.edu
Mechanical Engineering: Dr. James Newman, James-Newman@utc.edu
Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering: Dr. Joseph Owino, Joseph-Owino@utc.edu
Dean Pack, Daniel-pack@utc.edu

If you have questions about Academic Advising or Career Services, email your assigned advisor or call the Student Success Center at (423) 425-5465 for assistance.

The University Registrar sent an email on Friday that there will not be any changes to the published Academic Calendar. This includes 16 March as the last day for official withdrawal from any full-term class with a W.

Please visit the UTC website for up-to-date information and answers to general questions: www.utc.edu/coronavirus

Thank you for your patience during this challenging time. Your success and safety are our priorities. We will keep you informed of any changes as you work at a distance for your education.

Thank you,
Daniel Pack, P.E., PhD

College of Engineering and Computer Science
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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