This month’s Getting to Know You series features mechanical engineering professor Dr. Prakash Dhamshala.

Dr. Dhamshala started with CECS in August 1981. He and his wife (a pediatrician) live in Chattanooga.

Dr. Dhamshala enjoys watching old comedy TV shows, funny old Indian movies, and football games (American). He also enjoys playing tennis, ping pong, reading and travelling.

One thing about him that surprises people? “My concern for the future of the world due to climate change.”

Dr. Dhamshala speaks 4 languages: English, Telugu, Hindi and Urdu. When asked if he could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, he replied: “My parents and two of my old class-mates of the college.”

Does he collect anything? “Only the good memories of the people I meet.”

The favorite thing about his career is the ability to shape the lives of the students to begin their careers as mechanical engineers. Dr. Dhamshala’s proudest accomplishment is obtaining a special award for scoring highest grade in State P.E Exam and seeing his former students reaching their highest peaks (Nationally and Internationally) in their careers.

The coolest or most interesting thing he’s working on right now is reducing carbon emissions through engineering efficiency technologies for building or city energy needs. The best piece of professional advice he’s ever given or received: “To do more research in the chosen field and to be current.”

Finally, when asked what he is most grateful for today, he replied “I am grateful that I am healthy and I can still teach well, and for the people of Tennessee for supporting me to be a Professor at UTC”.

We’re grateful, Dr. Dhamshala, for your continued commitment to the students, research, and dedication to CECS.

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