The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has recently had the pleasure of announcing its Class of 2021 Associate Fellows, and the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UTC takes particular pride in our very own honoree, Trevor Sterling Elliott.

“I am extremely excited for and proud of each member of the Class of 2021 Associate Fellows,” said AIAA President Basil Hassan. “These individuals exemplify passion and dedication to advancing the aerospace profession and were selected because of their significant and lasting contributions to the field. Although this year’s SciTech forum will be unconventional, the Institute will take great pride in honoring this Class of Associate Fellows and celebrating their achievements in what remains a highly anticipated event. We truly look forward to doing so next year.” The grade of Associate Fellows recognizes individuals who “have accomplished or been in charge of important or engineering or scientific, or who have done original work of outstanding merit, or who have otherwise made outstanding contributions to the arts, sciences, or the technology of aeronautics or astronautics.” To be selected as an Associate Fellow an individual must be an AIAA Senior Member in good standing, with at least twelve years of professional experience, and be recommended by a minimum of three current Associate Fellows.

“The AIAA Associate Fellows personify the innovation that drives our industry forward,” said Dan Dumbacher, AIAA executive director. “The Class of 2021 Associate Fellows, representing industry, academia, and government embodies the commitment, dedication, and ingenuity that are crucial for devising the best solutions to the complex questions raised in aerospace science. AIAA and the aerospace industry tremendously appreciate the long hours of dedication to society and the industry. We also recognize the families, friends, and colleagues that support the Associate Fellows helping drive our industry forward.”

Trevor Elliott is a UC Foundation assistant professor of mechanical engineering who earned his PhD in aerospace engineering. His work as a faculty advisor to Rocket Mocs, a campus group that has gained national attention for its launches of rockets to record setting heights, has been a valuable contribution to the CECS in particular and to our campus as a whole. It is outstandingly evident that Trevor Elliott aims high in all he does, and we take pride in his affiliation to the College of Engineering and Computer Science as he continues to accomplish great things!


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