This month’s Getting to Know You series features Ms. Andrea Evans, Budget Coordinator for the College

An Alabama Crimson Tide football fan, Andrea has lived in Bryant, AL her entire life. Bryant is about 35 minutes outside of Chattanooga. She has worked in and around the Chattanooga area since she was 16. Her first job? Cashier at the Red Food Store in Trenton.

Andrea has 3 daughters: Alanna Hunnicutt (son-in-law Matthew), Brett Evans and KariAnn Evans. She also has 3 grandsons: Marcus, Micah and Tristian Hunnicutt. Her grandsons make her laugh the most, but when her girls get together, it’s just as fun.

Raising her 3 girls and returning to school to complete her Bachelor’s degree are among Andrea’s proudest accomplishments. She is a currently working to complete her BS in Business.

When asked what’s one thing about her that surprises people, Andrea replied “That I have raised 3 girls on my own ages 28, 25, 21 and that I am only 45 and have been at UTC for almost 25 years now.”

Andrea began UTC in 1996 in the Graduate School under Dr. Arfken as a Program Liaison. She joined CECS in April 2017.

Andrea enjoys watching college softball and football (Roll Tide), vacationing at the beach, travelling, working outside in the yard/garden and reading. Halloween is her favorite holiday. “I love the Fall and seeing the all the kids dressed up and excited.”

Andrea has 3 cats and 1 dog (Pitbull/Boxer mix named Axel). She also has a nickname: Andy. “A good friend of my granddad’s couldn’t pronounce my name and started calling me Andy.” Favorite teacher in school? “Mr. Guffey. He taught biology and chemistry, and his love of the subjects bled over into his teaching and made all his students love the classes also.”

What is Andrea most grateful for today? “I would have to say I am most grateful for my family and my work family for being so supportive of me.”

Thank you, Andrea, for the support you’ve provided this college and university all these years.

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