It’s that time of year again! Fall here at the College of Engineering and Computer Science means flannel, football, falling leaves, and, most pressingly, financial aid. The FAFSA opened October 1st, which means that scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are officially available as well. There are a multitude of scholarships available that fit a variety of strengths and qualifications, and around thirty of them can be applied for through one simple application and submission of your FAFSA. There are scholarships tailored specifically for first-time freshmen, for transfer students, for upperclassmen within the college, for a variety of majors, and for many more classifications of students.

For instance, the Janks Fain Parker Scholarship is awarded annually to engineering students with outstanding moral character, academic success, and financial need. The Laverne Thompson Memorial Scholarship is given by the faculty to a female student entering into the computer science major. Our newest addition to the many available scholarships is, by generous donation, the Julian B. Bell Family Scholarship, which will be given to rising sophomores and above who choose to major in engineering or engineering management. These are a mere sample of the many aid options available to students in UTC’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. Remember: the first step to receiving scholarships is to file your FAFSA, and the sooner the better. Second, by January 15th complete the general scholarship application for CECS specific awards. Around 10% of students receive scholarships specific to the College of Engineering and Computer Science, so follow the above steps to potentially be included in that statistic next year!

To current and future UTC students: happy fall and happy financial aid season!

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