Congratulation to the Solar Splash Team’s first-ever entry to a competition!

SOLAR SPLASH® is the World Championship of Collegiate Solar Boating, and it takes place over five days. Technical Inspections are done on the first day, and the remainder of the time is occupied by five on-the-water competitive events. Points are earned in 7 categories starting with Technical reports that are submitted before teams arrive at the competition. On-site competitions include Visual Displays and Workmanship. On-the-water events begin with a Sprint and Endurance qualifier. This is followed by an event called the Slalom, which is a combination of speed and maneuverability. The final days are spent in the Sprint and Endurance events.

The competition serves as an opportunity for students to compete and showcase their accomplishments. Students learn to use solar energy for transportation purposes and get hands-on experience with sustainable energy, energy management, and the importance of efficiency and good design.

During this first event for the UTC Solar Splash Team, they came in 8th place overall which is a great showing for a first time event. We are really proud of our team. Go Mocs!

Team members are:
Brianna Wise, Tyler Jones, Mitchell Thomas, Leo James, and Kristie Williams
Faculty Advisor: Abdul Ofoli

for more information on the competition visit:

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