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Chattanooga becomes living laboratory for cleaner, safer roads with Department of Energy grant

Chattanooga becomes living laboratory for cleaner, safer roads with Department of Energy grant Scientists from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will lead a team to create and test smarter intersections, where drivers will spend less time idling at red lights, and cars will know what speed to drive to clear every green light. “This project is a huge opportunity for us,” said Mina Sartipi, director and principal investigator

Getting To Know You – Dr. Dhamshala

This month’s Getting to Know You series features mechanical engineering professor Dr. Prakash Dhamshala. Dr. Dhamshala started with CECS in August 1981. He and his wife (a pediatrician) live in Chattanooga. Dr. Dhamshala enjoys watching old comedy TV shows, funny old Indian movies, and football games (American). He also enjoys playing tennis, ping pong, reading and travelling. One thing about him that surprises people? “My concern for the future

Dean’s List Summer 2020

NAMES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Othman Abdulkareem Ibrahim Al Quassar Abdullah Alalati Saad Aldeethan Wasmi Aldousari Saoud Alenezi Faisal Alenzi Abdulaziz Alessa Hamad Alfadhli Mohammed Alhajri Mohammed Alhamed Mohammad Alhilal Abdulrahman Alkhaldi Cody Allem Alexander Allen Hussain Almarri Fahad Almutairi Abdulaziz Alshammar Dhari Alshammari Waleed Alsurihi Majid Alsuwayih Saleh Alyami Jacob Asbury Jacob Baker Mitchell Bauer Benjamin Bennett Kalen Berry Zachary Berta Bailey Black William Brasfield Emerson Brock Michael Brown

Dean’s List for Spring 2020

Names in Alphabetical Order Muhammed Abazid Othman Abdulkareem Laith Abood Allyson Adam Matthew Adams Sydney Aites Badr Alajmi Faisal Alajmi Abdullah Alalati Joeseph Alcorn Saad Aldeethan Wasmi Aldousari Abdulaziz Alessa Farah Alessa Hamad Alfadhli Mohammed Alhajri Mohammed Alhamed Achok Alier Abdallah Alkandary Abdulrahman Alkhaldi Abdullah Alkhalidi Cody Allem Alexander Allen Hall Allen Nicholas Allen Ali Almagbool Hassan Almahdi Naif Almargan Hussain Almarri Fahad Almutairi Fahad Alomran Abdulaziz Alshammari Dhari

CECS congratulates chemical engineering major, Dell Zimmerman on prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

Article by Madison Beckner Dell Zimmerman, a chemical engineering major at UTC, has been selected as one of the recipients of the 2020 Goldwater Scholarship. Zimmerman is one of the first students from UTC to receive this honor since 2008. Zimmerman received his award through his work with nanoparticles, mentored by Dr. Soubantika Palchoudhury. Over the last two and a half years of research, Zimmerman has been published in

Spinning, swirling, sliding and speeding: Student’s machines are a wonder

UTC sophomore Teddy Solomon was nine years old when he first got the urge to build his amazing Rube Goldberg machines.

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Michael Danquah elected as fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Story by Madison Beckner Associate Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Michael Danquah, has been selected as a fellow for the Royal Society of Chemistry. Founded in 1980, the London based organization represents the top scholars in the field on chemistry. Acting as a global network to promote cooperation, mentorship, and the advancement of chemistry, the Royal Society of Chemistry acts a governing body for the

CompUTC offers research and technical experience through UTC SimCenter

Story by Madison Beckner Located off MLK boulevard behind the Stophel apartments, the UTC SimCenter represents the center of excellence in applied computational science and engineering. The facility is home to spaces and equipment dedicated to modeling, simulation and high-performance computing. Most of the work done in the SimCenter involves disciplinary research teams. A large portion of the SimCenter is also home to the PhD program in Computational Science

Annual Scholarship and College Awards Dinner Scheduled for April

College of Engineering and Computer Science will bring together donors, students, faculty and staff for annual awards dinner in April 2020. Each year, the College of Engineering and Computer Science hosts a reception to recognize some of the top work of the department. The ceremony aims to bring attention to the hard work and dedication of students and faculty produced during the current academic year. This event represents the

Sinking the putt: Monica San Juan wins at school and sport

It sounds hard, and if you’re not in the engineering field, you might not understand how difficult it is.

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