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Nearly 900 full text issues of the Echo, our university’s student newspaper, are now available online. The Echo, and it’s predecessor, the University Lookout (published by Chattanooga University students in 1888 and 1889), are openly accessible, searchable, and downloadable from our Digital Collections. In addition to chronicling our early days as Chattanooga University, the Echo documents the Grant University the University of Chattanooga years. That’s more than 5,000 pages of university history, academics, athletics, and buildings, including this Library Opinion Poll soliciting student feedback about the pending construction of Lupton Library published in the October 13, 1967 issue of the University Echo. The one thing that never changes? The need for more study rooms in the Library!

Library Opinion Poll published in the October 13, 1967 issue of the  University Echo.

Library Opinion Poll published in the October 13, 1967 issue of the University Echo.

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March 5 Therapy Dog Visit Cancelled

therapy-cancelledMaybe Mother Nature prefers cats???

The overnight forecast shows ice and/or snow for the Knoxville area where our HABIT therapy dog and friend would be coming from for the visit. We’re going to trust the weather-folks and cancel the March 5 visit. Our friends from HABIT are too precious to put at risk!

Our HABIT friends miss us UTC folks, and will be back for a therapy dog visit on March 19th. Hopefully by that time, Spring will have Sprung :)

The library has plenty of doggy books and DVDs for anyone who needs a canine fix :)

Small # of Study Rooms Unavailable Temporarily

This week, we will be installing chair rails in some of the 1st come-1st serve study rooms on the 3rd floor. To minimize the impact, we will be doing a small number of rooms over 2 days.

The following rooms will be unavailable on Thursday March 5:

306, 307, 308, and 314

The following rooms will be unavailable on Friday March 6:

315, 322, 323, and 324

Please find alternate study areas throughout the library during these times. Remember, the 3rd floor offers 2 quiet lounges for study – these are open during all regular library hours.


UPDATED: March Events at the Library


Therapy Dog on Monday Evening

feature-pennyOur therapy dog friend is coming for another visit to the UTC Library!

Our good friends from the UT College of Veterinary Medicine’s H.A.B.I.T. (Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee) program are bringing a therapy dog for visits.

Research shows the benefits of spending time with an animal – even a short visit has positive effects – and the UTC Library wants to help give you these benefits this semester.

  • Monday, February 9, 5:30 to 6:30pm

Students, faculty and staff are all invited to meet our furry guest!

As always, the certified therapy dog will be accompanied by a trained handler.  And if you prefer not to be near the dog for any reason, simply avoid the dedicated section of the first floor of the library – an alcove by the Chamberlain pavilion windows on the first floor (turn right as you enter through the Chamberlain doors and follow the signs).

For more information on the H.A.B.I.T. program, visit the UT site at  http://www.vet.utk.edu/habit/index.php.