Explore the History of Women in Chattanooga with Oral Histories

Special Collections has partnered with the City of Chattanooga Mayor’s Council for Women History Subcommittee to preserve and provide access to more than 50 interviews with women in and around our city. The interviews celebrate the accomplishments and experiences of women business leaders, advocates, educators, social activists, and community builders across generation, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. The women interviewed discuss topics ranging from the revitalization of downtown Chattanooga and their experiences during Jim Crow to political activism and achieving work-life balance.

Fifty-nine interviews have been published in our Digital Collections, and more than forty boast full text transcriptions, allowing you to search the audio. Please take a moment to read excerpts from the interviews below.

[Momma] always talked to me about how when she was young and would go downtown, unparalleled to what I went through, how she would see the fountains that said “colored” and “white”, but when I was a little girl going to see my momma work downtown, I could go to any fountain I wanted to go to. It was those kinds of things–the stories that I was able to hear about what they went through and why we don’t have to go through those things … because people had already fought and overcome.

Karitsa Mosely, 2016 April 20

I was speaking with a refugee, himself, a few weeks ago. He is from Iraq, and he said ten years ago, they were really just leaders who came to their community in Iraq also having a rhetoric of hatred and distrust and fear, and he expressed something interesting, he said, “At the time, we thought ‘well, you know, nobody’s really listening to these people.’ But, then years later, there is a harvest of death and destruction.” And, he said, “I see the very same seeds now being planted, especially from Christian radio stations and tv stations, and I fear that from–in a few years–we are going to start seeing a harvest of violence because we are not standing up and speaking against that.” So, I think this whole environment, it’s not a nurturing one, and, sometimes, people have this tendency to think, “Oh, once the poltical campaign is over and the election, we’re going to get on with our lives as if nothing happened.” But, I believe that that’s, unfortunately, not true.

Gabriela Phillips, 2016 April 19

Funding for transcription of the interviews is provided by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Collaborative Research Initiative for Sponsored Programs grant.

Announcing National Geographic Magazine Archive (1888 – 1994)

National Geographic Logo
In 1888, the nonprofit National Geographic Society whose focus was “to increase, and diffuse geographic knowledge,” began publishing a magazine reflective of its mostly professional members. That initial publication included scholarly articles such as ‘Classification of Geographic Forms’ and not one photograph. In the intervening one and a quarter century, the National Geographic Magazine evolved to become an iconic publication featuring the best of photojournalism and cartography worldwide.

Statistical Abstracts of the U.S. & the World

Curious about education spending per pupil in Europe, changes in the rates of smoking in the U.S. over the last fifty years, or the primary exports of Sweden? The answers are just a few mouse clicks away!

image of US outline created from highlighted textStatistical Abstract of the U.S.

An authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political and economic conditions of the United States. It provides an easily searchable or browsable collection of 1400+ individually indexed tables (with attached spreadsheets.)

world map made from wordsStatistical Abstracts of the World

Statistical data from over sixty countries aggregated from a variety of official statistical offices, plus Eurostat, the United Nations’s current and historical Demographic Yearbook, and the World Bank’s World Development Indicators.

graphic of smoking ratesBoth databases provide quick previews and full XLS (Excel) or PDF downloads of data, all with copy and paste citations in MLA and APA style. Convert the data to charts in Excel or use a service like Piktochart to create charts or infographics like the one shown.


Over 200 new journals for 2017!

UTC Library has access to over 200 new journals across the disciplines in 2017!

Highlights include:

Contemporary Japan

Features original research on present-day Japan and recent historical developments
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International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Development and application of entrepreneurship from an interdisciplinary perspective
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Literature & History

Investigates connections between writing, history and ideology
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World Policy Journal

Coverage of global affairs that transcends the divide between foreign and domestic policy
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*Please note: some journals may not be available yet. In that case, check back on the publisher’s site later in the year.

New Current Access to Science Online!

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The UTC Library is now pleased to offer Science online in its entirety, including the current year!

Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science is one of the highest impact publications in the sciences.  It encompasses all scientific fields including astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, optics, neuroscience, and human health and reaches an estimated global readership of more than one million. Science has published the research of over 400 Nobel Laureates since the award’s inception in 1901.

Notable details:

  • Weekly online edition published every Friday
  • 51 issues per year
  • UTC boasts access to all content from January 1997-present via the Science site
  • Pre-1997 access back to issue 1 in 1880 is available via JSTOR
  • Science First Release features selected articles prior to appearing in print
  • Content types include:
    • Perspectives—analyze recent research developments
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  • Browse a set of curated topics covered in Science


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