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Summer is coming to a close, and you may not feel ready for school to start back up again. Whether you’re a freshman, transfer student, returning student, or “super senior”, these 5 tips will help get you in the mindset for the upcoming Fall 2017 semester!

1. Remember all the fun memories you had last semester and start making room for the new!

Whether you’re from Chattanooga or you’re temporarily calling it home, the memories you make at UTC will last a lifetime. Look back on the fun memories you made last semester and know that there’s more where that came from! Try to look forward to the upcoming semester with a positive attitude.

2. Remember that university email? Check it!

It’s time to log back in and start checking your UTC email account for new class and syllabus information from your professors! It’s important to prioritize checking your email regularly as this is the primary form of communication between you and your professors.

3. Button Loose-ends with Financial Aid

Check with financial aid for fee schedules and payment deadlines to ensure that all requirements have been met. If you are receiving scholarships, check to see the amount of tuition your scholarship will cover each semester. If you are taking student loans, be sure all paperwork is updated for the upcoming academic year.

4. Review Your Fall Class Schedule

We know that you register for the Fall semester during the previous Spring semester…so it’s been a while! Check back with your schedule to make sure you know which days you are attending classes and where each class will be located. Plan accordingly based on the location of your classes to ensure you are on time! You may need special school supplies for certain courses, so check with a professor and plan ahead.

5. Dust Off Your Planner

It is likely that you haven’t opened your school planner since the end of last semester, or maybe you need a new one! Whatever the case, it is a good idea to start mapping out your class schedule, along with your work schedule and any other extracurricular activities you may be involved in. If you aren’t a big fan of writing things down, there’s an app for that! Research free scheduling apps to help keep you organized.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I just went through orientation and signed up for classes in the Fall. Where can I find my schedule?

    • Jessica Holder says:

      Hi Sheri, welcome to UTC! You can find your schedule under the Academics tab in your MyMocsNet account.

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