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Amazing Opportunity and Life Changing Experience

This trip to Cape Town, South Africa was my first time traveling to the African continent. Although it was a long flight to Cape Town the experience was worth the jet lag. This trip has changed my life through the amazing opportunities that I was able to experience on this trip. The course that is associated with this trip was designed to increase our educational awareness of international and

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Cape Town: A City of Wealth and Poverty

During my stay in Cape Town, South Africa, I was exposed to many different people in many different regions. At a glance, visitors in Cape town will see the clean, safe walkways of the Virginia and Alfred Waterfront, and brand new Porche 911s and G Wagons parked in the Camp Bay area. While these areas of South Africa are very pleasurable to visit, it does not illustrate the true

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Fortune Favors the Flexible

The most valuable learning experience from my (albeit brief) study abroad experience was to be flexible and open-minded. 4 weeks before I was slated to leave for Tokyo, I was informed that my trip was being cancelled due to the rapidly worsening situation resulting from COVID-19. The next day, I was offered an alternative program in London instead, but I had to be in London in less than 5

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