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Business in the Balkans

This May I went on the faculty led trip to the Balkans – Albania, Macedonia, Greece, and Kosovo. This was such an amazing experience and I loved it more than I was expecting. It was a very busy trip with a lot of traveling, university visits, and business visits, but I am glad we saw as much as we could. My favorite country was Albania. It was absolutely gorgeous,

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My Experience Studying Abroad

In January 2019, I left for Europe. For the following four months, I would be studying abroad in Granada, Spain with AIFS. My first stop abroad would be London which was a trip organized by my program. In London, I would meet some of my now best friends for the first time. In London, we saw everything from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square. Two days later, I left for

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A Perspective Changing Trip to the Balkans

The best part about my study abroad experience is that I left feeling not like a tourist, but like a local. I went primarily to Albania, and was lucky enough to have an Albanian professor and tour guide. They helped us to spend a couple weeks living like the locals did— knowing the correct places to go, things to do, and hidden spots nobody would know about. In addition,

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Achieving A Dream

This trip was my first abroad. I had never been on a plane for longer than three hours. I was nervous, but this trip was exactly what I had been dreaming of doing for my entire life. The trickiest part of the trip, honestly, may have been that I arrived at the airport not really knowing anyone. Over the course of the trip, I had a chance to get

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Doing Business in the Balkans

This experience studying abroad was much different than my previous study abroad experience. Last time, I went alone on the trip with a study abroad partner with UTC and this time I went on a trip that was faculty led. There was a lot less free time and exploring but that might have been because last time I was there for 3 months. The trip was amazing and so

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A World of Opportunity

Going to Rome was truly an experience like no other. When we began our trip, it immediately started in chaos, however. Our teacher got into a car wreck, plane tickets were giving us issues in a foreign country, and we were all losing a little bit of morale. However, nothing compares to the feeling of stepping off the bus from the airport onto the tight, lit-up streets of Rome,

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What I Took Away from My Semester Abroad

This semester I traded the mountains of Chattanooga for the tropical beaches of Costa Rica. I spent four months immersing myself in the language, culture and daily life of the Ticos (the nickname of Costa Rican citizens), and I am so glad that I did. This semester was an unforgettable one, and I gained so much during my time abroad. For example, in Costa Rica I gained many new

When In Rome

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to go to Rome, Italy to study abroad. It was only for 10 days, but I was able to see so much in those 10 days. I have always dreamed of going to Italy, just never thought I’d have the chance any time soon. Taking the Legendary Rome class was extremely interesting, and gave me the opportunity to fulfill

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

This year I was privileged enough to be able to visit the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. I really appreciated the opportunity as I had studied about the islands and animals which are endemic to it for years and years. In eighth grade, my final project in my science class was to make a video on why you should travel to the Galapagos Islands. To be able to actually fulfill

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The Galapagos Experience

From March 8th to March 17th I went on a study abroad trip to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador along with my classmates and professors for a class over Evolution and Darwinism. During the semester we learned about the various animals that inhibit the Galapagos Islands as well as Charles Darwin and his findings which led to the discovery of the theory of Evolution. Within the eleven-day period which we

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