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Lunar New Year: Memories, traditions, and how it’s changed.

Large red wooden doors with red paper tapestries and lanterns hanging in front. One on each side.

Lunar New Year holds a special place in the hearts of many people around the world.   Leo Tan, a UTC international student from the Shandong province in China, has celebrated this holiday throughout his life. We wanted to get a first-hand perspective of this long-standing tradition, so we asked him to give his account of this annual celebration. Here is his personal reflection of what it’s like celebrating the Chinese New Year and how this holiday has changed for him throughout the years. [Leo’s perspective is unique to his personal

Virtual Diversity Wall – IEW 2020

Every year, to celebrate diversity and cultural exchange, the Center for Global Education curates the “What Diversity Means to Me” Wall. This is an important part of UTC’s annual International Education Week activities. This year, we’ve decided to display the Diversity Wall in an online format.  To curate this year’s “wall,” we asked the UTC community to answer to the question, “What does diversity mean to you?” Below, you

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I didn’t expect this at all…

Here’s what I expected spending a month in a half in Costa Rica: I expected to learn a lot about a new country and culture. I expected to see and experience new things. I expected to improve my Spanish. I expected to meet new people. And I really did expect to enjoy most of these things. All of these experiences took place, but, here’s what I did not expect:

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Rooted in Africa, Global in Reach

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few opportunities to travel before college, however, I had never committed to being away from home for so long. However, my late father was originally from South Africa, and told me fond stories of travelling all over the world in his youth before finding his home in the United States. After looking into a few different study abroad programs and considering several

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A Tour of Germany

The German culture appreciates the fine art of formal education. The students there have it made. I feel that the country has a lot of growing to do coming from the world wars era. The culture is also up and coming I was very impressed with all the research they have put into their products such as the Volkswagen, but they also have room for family companies to thrive.