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Omnipresent Kebab

I studied abroad in Granada, Spain for the entire 2019 spring semester. I was there exactly four months, from January through May. I can say with certainty that it was a very impactful experience. I had traveled outside of the United States a great deal prior to this trip, though I now appreciate more than ever the difference between visiting and living in a place. I have visited many,

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My Trip to Germany

My study abroad experience was such an eye-opening time. I not only learned about the culture of Germany, but also things about myself. We toured many companies and got to see how their business values differ from in America. We went to Volkswagen, BMW Motorcycles, I C Berlin, and Jägermeister. These companies all had different values that help enforce their culture. We also went to tour historical sites such

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German Currywurst is Not Bad

The trip to Germany with the College of Business was an unforgettable experience. Not only did we get to see so many things, we had a lot of fun doing it. I had been eying this study trip ever since my sophomore year, and now that I got to go on it, it was special. The group of people that were on the trip made it 10x better. I

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A Semester in Copenhagen, London, and Rome

During the Spring 2019 semester, I studied abroad through CIEE’s Open Campus program in Copenhagen, Denmark; London, United Kingdom; and Rome, Italy. I chose this program because it gave me the opportunity to study in more than one country and immerse myself in multiple cultures. CIEE offered a weekend study tour every six weeks, and each one was a major highlight during my time abroad. In Copenhagen, we went

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Copia de A Year of Salamanca

In all honesty, I have been procrastinating in writing this essay. Not for the normal student reasons of easily getting distracted or no desire to write the essay, but I didn’t want to accept that my study abroad adventure was over. This past academic year I traveled to 16 countries, took countless flights, explored incredible cities, and I learned a lot about myself in the process. I chose to

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Memories of a Lifetime

This two-week faculty-led excursion to Germany has been the best experience I have ever had! Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to travel and see the world. When I first started college, I made it a goal of mine to study abroad at some point. I was so determined and now I can say I reached and finished that goal! That is such a big deal

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The Experience of a Lifetime

My study abroad experience will be one that I never forget. I chose to study abroad to seek adventure and experience life and education as it is known in the European culture. I decided to study with CIEE for a couple of reasons. I really enjoyed their public health academic track and the option to be able to study in more than one city or even country. I decided

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My Study Abroad Experience

For me, Dubrovnik began as an idea. The allure being many of its unique features and the assumption that my lifestyle would be altered positively by my studies and assimilation to Eastern European life. These ideas engaged within me a desire to execute a series of decisions that would bring me to Croatia. January 31st, at some late hour, I landed at Čipili airport and took a taxi to

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Halal in Chattanooga!

Food connects people, but everyone’s relationship with it is personal. Many factors affect our food choices: health, ethics, or simply taste. For many people, food also connects deeply to spirituality. In many religions, it is important to eat or avoid certain foods. For example, Muslims and Orthodox Jews typically avoid pork, while many Hindus forego meat altogether. Most followers of Islam follow a halal diet. Halal is Arabic for

Studying Abroad in Costa Rica

When starting to write and talk about my study abroad experience, I have found it hard to explain. I have so much to say that I have nothing to say. One thing I can confidently state is that studying abroad has changed me for the better. Through new experiences and stepping out of my comfort zone I have gained so much. I hope to inspire other people to studying

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