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My Study Abroad Experience

My name is Sawyer Kelley and I studied abroad in Gold Coast, Australia through KEI Abroad. I lived in the suburb of Surfers Paradise, about a two minute walk from the beach. I am double majoring in Finance and Business Analytics and attended Griffith University-Gold Coast Campus. The long process of figuring out where you want to study abroad, which provider to use, which school to go to, booking

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Seoul Is Where the Soul Is

  Studying abroad for me began a little bit differently than it did for most people. When going to the study abroad fair, I had no idea that I would be applying to study abroad in South Korea that same day. In between studying for midterms at UTC and working full time, I was busying myself with paperwork in order to spontaneously go across the world. I believe that

The Trip of a Lifetime

Studying abroad changed my life forever. I have always loved to travel, but it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to be able to see everything when you visit a place. Through the Study Abroad Program at UTC I was able to offset some of that cost through receiving scholarships and also make my time abroad worthwhile by getting to travel and go to

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It Is Possible

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy this summer and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. I learned not only more about myself but also about an entirely different country, culture and its people. I know that may sound like a cliché but it is true. I recommend studying abroad to anyone, but for those who are seriously interested in art as

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Summer in Italy

My name is Hannah Rowan and I attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I am 19 years old and will be a sophomore this coming fall; therefore, I went abroad just after one year of college. I chose CIEE because of the study abroad fair during my fall semester of freshman year. The woman in charge of the booth was very knowledgeable about all CIEE offered as well

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Paris Through My Eyes

Before you leave your country for the first time you have a narrow view of what the world means outside of what’s in your backyard. Everyone stands to gain something from traveling to different places around the world. Traveling abroad has opened my eyes to how domestic my thoughts were and challenged my way of thinking about the world. When I first landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in

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Paris – Summer 2019

Studying abroad with CIEE was a great experience. I traveled to Paris, France for 4 weeks this summer. The teacher was very kind and extremely informative. Our class was broken into two parts, the lecture portion which happened in the classroom, and the exploring portion, which we actually walked to the sites that we just learned about and saw them in person. The museums, the churches, the castles, were

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Tico Time

In America, we are constantly on the go; we are always working and searching for the next best thing. However, in Costa Rica, people live life at a slower pace, really enjoying where they are and who they are with. This is the essence of “Tico Time.” Ticos tend to have a nonchalant attitude about being on time or well the lack of being on time. For me, this

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From Snowy Mountains to Colorful Beaches: My Summer in Santiago, Chile

I decided to study abroad in Santiago, Chile because I wanted to challenge myself. Having spent a semester abroad in Mexico, I chose to stay for a summer in Chile to redefine the way I think about Latin America. Santiago differs from anywhere I have ever lived, in that it is a sprawling, modern city with over five and a half million people living there. I grew up outside

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London Calling

I was scared to go to London, not at first, but near to the day of departure I was out of my mind with worry. There were a thousand things going on in my life and it just didn’t feel right to leave home and friends behind. I was scared that I’d made the wrong decision to go for three weeks, scared that everything wouldn’t be in its place

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