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Student Spotlight: Ngan

Born in Vietnam, Ngan has lived in the United States for several years. She first lived in Chicago but joined family in Chattanooga two years ago. Ngan dreams of becoming a dental hygienist, and most U.S. dental schools require the TOEFL. Needing to improve her English, Ngan researched English as a Second Language programs online. “I saw that the ESL program at UTC was highly recommended by former students,”

Discovering the Lesser Known Europe

I chose to study abroad in Dubrovnik, because it’s located in Europe, offered courses in my major (political science) and was a relatively small town/university. I wanted to be able to travel around Europe, but not feel overwhelmed by a large city or large school. Dubrovnik is an old town that is covered in cobblestone and is surrounded by medieval walls that you are allowed to walk around on.    Dubrovnik is

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Cross-Cultural Management in Peru

During this study-abroad experience, I hoped to learn about cross-cultural management and how organizations in Peru dealt with their employees and with other international companies. The majority of our business presentations were focused on Peru’s economy, history, and traditions. This information was great to hear and very important and enriching to learn, but I was eager to learn about the companies specific Human Resources practices and how Peru’s economy

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Self-Growth while in Peru

This educational, faculty-led trip to Peru was one that was both surreal and essential to my growth and purpose in both my career and my personality. The country of Peru showed me that South America is incredibly diverse and there is a large difference in the mindset and experiences one can have while abroad versus in their home country. I found that by focusing on learning the culture and

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My International Experience in Peru 

I participated in a ten-day faculty-led trip to study international management in Peru in December 2018. I chose to study abroad in Peru specifically because of the diversity of people, culture, language, cuisine, and geography. Our trip began in Lima, Peru where we toured businesses and spoke to local entrepreneurs. We learned that sustainability and growth are huge components of Peruvian culture. For example, 14 Inkas, a Peruvian start-up distillery, could source their potatoes

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When in Peru

My time in Peru was extraordinary. Learning about the Peruvian culture and economy was very interesting, as it is very different from here in the United States. Traveling from a first world country to a third world country will really open your eyes to some things. I learned so much about myself over there as well as the business world. Here in the United States, the majority of businesses’ main

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Christmas in Peru

In December 2018 I went on the faculty led trip to Peru through the College of Business. This was my second time studying abroad and my second country. My first was Italy, and Peru was definitely different! We went to Lima and Cusco. I chose to go to Peru because it was a country I knew next to nothing about, I would probably never get another chance to go,

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European Daydreams

My name is Katherine Wilkes, I spent this past fall semester studying abroad in Paris, France. I went through the program CISabroad. I chose this program because of many different factors. The primary reason was that the school I would be attending through the program and what classes I would be able to take were most suited towards my major out of all of the programs. Other things such as the type

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