The Pura Vida of Costa Rica

Living abroad in Costa Rica was an incredibly multi-faceted experience full of adventure, education, and self-reflection. I never imagined a study abroad could change me as a person so much but I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to grow. Although things were somewhat uncomfortable to start, having moved into a house with no English speakers, I quickly realized how fast I could adapt under unique circumstances from

My Life in Spain for Two Months

As I am back in Chattanooga after studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, the question I get asked by people everyday is “How was Spain?”. Even now, as it has been almost a month since leaving Spain, I have not been able to find the words to explain such an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Of course, there is the basic tourist activities you may do while abroad, but there is

While In London

Over the summer, I studied abroad through an internship in London. I interned for a PR Marketing company called Fashion Crossover London. The internship alone was an amazing experience to get an insight towards the career I want to go into. Within the internship program for CIEE, there were about 7 of us total. Everyone was from different parts of America which was honestly an experience in itself. Due

Seoul: My Second Home

Although studying abroad seems to be stressful while planning and preparing, I want to assure you that it is very possible and such a rewarding experience. Traveling to Korea was my first international travel experience, alone, nonetheless. Going abroad during COVID-19 also did not make my travel plans any easier, as there was a mandatory 2-week quarantine period and other requirements due to the country’s thorough COVID precaution policies.

Virtual Internship: India

My study abroad experience was different from the traditional study abroad experience everyone thinks of because it was completely online. Over the summer, I was a student in the SIT Study Abroad Program: India Virtual Internship in Environment, Development, and Sustainability. The class part of the experience lasted 7 weeks and in the middle of that time I completed my four week internship with the Indian Non-Government Organization (NGO),

South Africa: More than just a Virtual Internship

My name is Wendy Guevara, and I am a senior who is graduating in the fall of this year [2021]. I am a Comparative Politics and International Relations Major, so I have always wanted to explore more of the world and college is the perfect time to do it. Unfortunately, Covid disrupted my plans, and I could not leave the county. Luckily UTC gave out an opportunity that although

Pastimes in Panamanian Paradise

This summer, I studied abroad for one month in the country of Panama.  I studied abroad through the School for Field Studies (SFS), and I took one class called Tropical Island Systems: The Human Impact.  Panama was actually not my original destination of choice, as I had studied abroad for a semester in 2019 in Costa Rica and Mexico.  I was interested in going abroad again before I graduated

Spain Chose Me

First off, I would like to point out that I did not choose Spain, Spain chose me. That sounds cheesy, but it’s actually true. I had no idea that I would end up doing my study abroad in Spain, but I am so glad that I did. Originally, I was going to study in Thailand for three months, but that was canceled due to the pandemic. Then a new

Study Abroad in Spain

I have always wanted to study abroad after my cousin did a few years back in Prague. She told me all about these amazing people, food, places, and cultures she got to explore. I chose Valencia, Spain partly because it was one of the only places we could choose due to COVID. It ended up being a beautiful place to go and the people could not have be better.

My Summer Study Abroad in Valencia

Studying in Valencia, Spain, over the summer was one of the, if not the, most memorable experiences of my life. Even though Covid-19 made it more difficult to travel while living in Europe and more frustrating residing in Spain. I am still extremely grateful I got to see the places I did and experience the things I did while living in Spain. Not only were the places I saw