Crazy Poor Asians

I was fortunate enough to spend 2 months in one of the most rapidly developing city/states in the world, Singapore. This was made possible by the UTC Featured Scholarship program, as I was able to intern with a Social Services NGO providing resources and advocacy to low income families of Singapore. Paired with this internship, I was enrolled in a class in which we were able to receive professional

My Time Abroad

Studying abroad has become one of the most interesting stories I have to tell about myself now. Considering I have done it twice; Last year to China, and this past summer to Spain. I find it amazing how an experience becomes a part of your whole being. That is what traveling is, telling a story and learning other ones along the way. Your story is what you get to

Siqui Ta Muchay

I can’t believe it’s already over! The past three months in Cusco, Peru, have flown by. I look back on how much I have done, the friends I made, the family I gained, the places I’ve seen, and I realize that I am so infinitely blessed to have been able to have this opportunity. From just exploring the streets, to attending class, to hiking mountains, this has truly been

I didn’t expect this at all…

Here’s what I expected spending a month in a half in Costa Rica: I expected to learn a lot about a new country and culture. I expected to see and experience new things. I expected to improve my Spanish. I expected to meet new people. And I really did expect to enjoy most of these things. All of these experiences took place, but, here’s what I did not expect:

Greece is Round and Paris is Flat

The week before I left for Paris, I didn’t want to go anymore. I had no idea what to expect; I was nervous. I didn’t know if I could survive the airports on my own, much less the city of Paris. A few days later, I got on the plane by myself and looked out the window like I was looking fear straight in the face. The pressure from

Experiencing the East

I stepped off the plane, red-eyed and exhausted, but excited nonetheless. The only thing separating me from Tokyo was an incredibly long customs and immigration line. I stood in line, passport in hand, for nearly an hour taking in as much of my limited surroundings as possible. People from all over the world stood in line with me, with the same goal in mind: get through this line as

Differences in Mundane Culture and the Importance of Prolonged Stay

Studying abroad is an interesting and unique experience. There is something special about interacting with a very foreign and different culture. One may see things that many of those belonging to that culture may take for granted or view as normal. These are things that people often find not worth mentioning when they talk about their home country. I, however, find that these mundane things are the most valuable

An Open Letter to Costa Rica

Pura Vida. In Spanish, it literally means, “pure life”. It is used as a greeting, a farewell, to ask for a favor, to say thank you, and everything in between. Over the course of 11 weeks in Costa Rica, I learned that Pura Vida is more than just a phrase, it is a way of life. I changed drastically this summer, and although I took classes, it was the

A Glimpse Into Tico Time

This summer I spent 11 weeks in San José, Costa Rica. During this time, I completed 19 credit hours, by studying Biology and Spanish. In Costa Rica, I lived with the sweetest host family. I really felt as if I was an integrated member of their family. I went to school 5 days a week, and the work was intensive. I had only heard about the traveling part of

My Trip to Paris

Going to a new country has been a great experience that has broadened my worldview and knowledge base. I have traveled to many new places around the city of Paris and beyond, learned about the city itself, and through my classes learned about the world of luxury goods. This trip has also pushed me to be more self-reliant and flexible as most of the amenities I am used to