Ciao, grazie!

I studied abroad through USAC at their Reggio Emilia location. I studied the Montessori and Reggio approach along with a cooking class, which was just a one-hour credit. Since I went through this program and not a faculty-led trip, I was the only one from Tennessee in my program. At first, this was overwhelming and a little scary, but after going I preferred my experience to be this way.


“You cannot grow without being uncomfortable.” This very sentence came from a physical therapist that I was recently shadowing last week. He has a daughter a year younger than me that is about to leave for college in another state, and this is what he tells her daily. I find this statement very useful to remember for not only his daughter but for everyone. We live in a culture

New Beginnings

Traveling is essential to human learning. We develop skills through experience, whether it is personal or learned. Not every trip consists of living in another part of the world for an amount of time. Studying abroad is an experience that teaches students beyond the classroom. Social anxiety is becoming an epidemic in The States, and I feel now more than ever students should study abroad. Studying abroad taught me

Boldly Going Where People Have Gone Before

I traveled to Costa Rica this summer to take classes at Veritas University in San José. I am studying Spanish at UTC. My goal for the trip was to increase my conversational skills and bring myself ever closer to fluency. In addition, I could gain credit toward my major in order to complete my degree. This was my first time out of the country. I was really excited to

My Study Abroad Experience in Costa Rica

In order to study Spanish and communications, I went on a study abroad trip to Costa Rica lead by my Spanish professor, Dr. Murillo. I’m so glad that he was there to help out and that I chose a faculty- led experience, because it was great being able to go to him for help or advice for the classes, or even help with the language or the culture. This

Going and Growing in Antigua, Guatemala

During the summer of 2019, I studied Spanish abroad in the city of Antigua, Guatemala, with an organization called InterExchange. Going into this trip, I desired to attain a higher level of Spanish fluency by building on the knowledge of the language that I gained during my courses in high school. While there are many fantastic organizations and opportunities that could have helped me achieve this goal, InterExchange caught

The Ways of the World

Having the chance to study abroad was something that I did not want to pass up. I had been to a few places outside of the country, but I never actually got to spend a long enough amount of time that would allow me to immerse myself into their culture. In the summer of 2019, I went to San Jose, Costa Rica and studied there for a month. I

From a Saying to a Lifestyle

The phrase “pura vida” is thrown around in the US like any other trendy saying at the moment. It seems like most people have a bracelet, sticker, or other memorabilia that celebrate having a “pure life”, the saying’s English translation. People use it because it sounds cool, or maybe because it’s a reminder for life. Others simply like the merchandise adorned with the Spanish text. While here it is

My Study Abroad Experience

My name is Sawyer Kelley and I studied abroad in Gold Coast, Australia through KEI Abroad. I lived in the suburb of Surfers Paradise, about a two minute walk from the beach. I am double majoring in Finance and Business Analytics and attended Griffith University-Gold Coast Campus. The long process of figuring out where you want to study abroad, which provider to use, which school to go to, booking

Seoul Is Where the Soul Is

  Studying abroad for me began a little bit differently than it did for most people. When going to the study abroad fair, I had no idea that I would be applying to study abroad in South Korea that same day. In between studying for midterms at UTC and working full time, I was busying myself with paperwork in order to spontaneously go across the world. I believe that