By Caitlin Peabody

Wannsee House

Wannsee House

Today was an early morning. We left the hostel at around 7 and walked around the corner to a little café that served us a wonderful buffet for breakfast. Shortly after we finished our breakfast we made our way to the S-Bahn station for the hourish long train ride to the Wannsee House, where the conference to decide on the “Final Solution” was held. When we made it to the Wannsee House we began our tour of the exhibit, which goes through life before the war, the beginning of the genocide, and the major death camps, among other things. Our tour guide that took us through the exhibit was very informative and was a very good extension of what we have already learned in the past couple of days. After a short coffee break we then went to a small conference room to talk about the code of the meeting and more about the men actually involved. We talked about their sentencing after the war, their involvement during the war, and the decision for the “Final Solution.” Afterwards we went on a driving tour of Berlin with our tour guide and learned a lot about the city’s history. Over all this was probably the most laid back day that we’ve had. Tomorrow we are headed to the Holocaust Memorial and Information Center and some of the Holocaust Remembrance sites.


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