Ha Vo

Meet Ha Vo. Ha Vo is from Vietnam and is currently an undergraduate student at UTC. She is studying Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Power Systems and is part of UTC’s Innovation in Honors Program. Ha Vo developed an interest in electricity after an incident she experienced when she was eight. She was shocked by 220 volts of electricity,  but fortunately, she did not have serious injuries. She will be the first person in her family to become an engineer and hopes to find a job related to electrical engineering after graduation. She also plans to earn a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in the future. Her dream job is to give back to the community by helping find more effective ways to deliver safer and cleaner power to residents in the Tennessee Valley.

Ha Vo chose UTC for many reasons. One reason was because the UTC College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) is one of the best engineering schools in the country and is also ABET accredited. She loves her department and enjoys all of the courses. Ha Vo also appreciates the faculty and staff and the research opportunities here at UTC. She also likes the different opportunities made available to her through the Honors Program at UTC. Finally, Ha Vo values UTC’s numerous partnerships with companies around the Chattanooga area and the different organizations available on campus.

What Ha Vo enjoys most about Chattanooga are the landscape and the weather. She enjoys taking walks downtown and admiring the beauty of landmarks and historical buildings. Ha Vo also likes the different tourist attractions and the opportunities to explore nature. Her advice to new and prospective students is to ask questions, to make use of all the resources available, and to start building one’s personal and professional network.


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