Ahmed Mohamed Elmahi Ibrahim is a graduate student from Sudan who is currently spending his first semester here at UTC, and he is here with us to earn his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Ahmed first heard about UTC while researching different Masters programs around the world. Among his options of studying in Sweden, the UK, Germany, and the US, Ahmed ultimately decided to enroll in UTC. The top quality Engineering facilities, beautiful seasonal climate, and small-city atmosphere of downtown Chattanooga convinced him that UTC was where he would study.

Ahmed’s move to Chattanooga is not the first time he has left his home country of Sudan. He has visited many countries throughout his life and is well versed in Arabic, German, Spanish, and English, so the transition to living in Chattanooga has not been difficult. Even though there were numerous applications, test, and forms he needed to complete to attend UTC and enter the U.S., Ahmed said it was worth it!

With someone as experienced in traveling as Ahmed, he has some insightful words of advice for any student that is considering to study abroad.

“Students who have not traveled outside their home country will face some challenges, but you must persevere, and you will learn a lot from it.”

Furthermore, he adds that there is great joy that can be found when someone steps outside their comfort zone. “It is a chance to find new challenges, new opportunities, to meet new people, to learn from them, and to also share your own culture. It should be a mutual exchange, and the chance to experience that is one that should be taken.”


Written by Thomas Davis – Business Management Major – Senior

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