During my trip to Argentina I saw and did some wonderful things that will forever change my perception on not only myself but how I view the world around me. This trip was very business based which makes since because it is a business class. I as a psychology major went into it looking to get out more than just management experiences. I was not let down; this trip allowed me to immerse myself in another culture and I used this as a chance to observe the people and the attitudes of the people I encountered.

This class taught me more than just business. It was an education in art, computer engineering, environmental science and of course psychology. There is something that would benefit people of many disciplines. If someone thinks that this is a business class and that they would get nothing out of it, they would be wrong. The class I took on Argentina let me see the country in a way that I never could as a tourist alone. A more in depth view of the companies and a deeper feel of the people we encountered.

One of the things I noticed about Argentina is that although the people are always moving and busy they make time to enjoy life and they still take pride what they do for a living. The details still matter to most of the nation.  One other thing I found out is that many of the companies encourage their employees to attend some form of counseling and many even have one or more on staff just for the employees. This is to help circumvent any kind mental overload on the employees in time of turmoil.

This was one of the most educational as well as enjoyable classes I have ever taken and I only hope that I can lead by example and bring some of this wonderful place into the lives of the people I meet in the future.

Christina Padavana is a Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She participated in a College of Business faculty led trip to Argentina in December, 2017. Christina had the following to say about her time abroad, “My experience in Argentina is something I will carry with me throughout life. One thing it really showed me is that you cannot get bent out of shape about last minute changes in plans because you will miss the chance to see something or meet someone new.”

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