This past month in Spain has been an excellent experience for me. After returning, the next day I immediately wanted to go back. I really loved the culture, way of life, people, my classes, and especially the things to do and see in Spain and Europe. Each day I was there I had a new experience and learned something new.

The entire trip was educational, but regarding the school itself I really enjoyed going to class during the week. My professors were nice and very knowledgeable about their content and offered a different feel to the classroom outside of UTC that I was very pleased with. Also, the school and campus were very nice. It has both old and newer buildings that are beautiful on the inside and out. The architecture is truly phenomenal, and that can be seen in almost any older building in Spain.

I stayed with a host family during my time in Spain, and doing so is truly the key to a great study abroad experience. They always made sure I had what I needed and was having a good time. They provided delicious meals every day, and I loved sitting down with them as a family for dinner and having some great conversations (in Spanish, of course). Not only did that help improve my conversational abilities in Spanish, but I also learned a lot about them, their country, and great things I should check out while I traveled.

We had class most of the day Monday through Thursday, and we had Friday through Sunday off. So, I used most weekends to travel. Sometimes I went with a large group and sometimes a smaller group of students who attended the university with me. The first weekend I went and saw some things in Madrid, since Alcalá, the town we were staying in, was only a short train ride away. We saw many interesting buildings and went in several museums to see works of hundreds of artists including Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Diego Velázquez. Other weekends I went to Barcelona and Portugal, both phenomenal experiences with so much to see and do. The beaches are beautiful, the museums and old cathedrals are phenomenal, and the delicious food is the cherry on top. I already want to go back and see them again.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I learned a lot during the trip and had a lot of fun seeing many cool places. This wasn’t my first time traveling outside of the United States, but this was my first time taking classes abroad. At the end of the day, I’m very glad I did, because I may not get the opportunity again.

William Day is majoring in Spanish with a minor in Education. He participated in a faculty-led trip to Alcala, Spain through the Spanish Department in June, 2018. 

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