Food connects people, but everyone’s relationship with it is personal. Many factors affect our food choices: health, ethics, or simply taste. For many people, food also connects deeply to spirituality.

In many religions, it is important to eat or avoid certain foods. For example, Muslims and Orthodox Jews typically avoid pork, while many Hindus forego meat altogether. Most followers of Islam follow a halal diet. Halal is Arabic for “lawful” or “permissible,” as halal food must be prepared in a specific manner defined by Islamic law.

Halal food from University Pizza and Deli (UPD).















It can be difficult to eat halal in many U.S. cities. Fortunately, multiple Chattanooga restaurants—many of which are close to UTC campus—serve halal foods, so Muslim students may enjoy a stress-free meal that aligns with their beliefs. Restaurants serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, and more provide a plethora of halal options. Additionally, most U.S. restaurants are willing to make substitutions or alterations to what is listed on the menu.

So whatever your beliefs, don’t be afraid to venture out and explore Chattanooga’s amazing food options; it’s easy to keep your values while eating well in the Scenic City.


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