By Andrea Bart

When I found out that VW was coming to UTC and giving students an opportunity to test drive and review one of their new cars, I was quick to jump on this one time opportunity. The thought of being able to drive a new car before it hit the market elated me, and I didn’t even know what car it would be! Since I was that excited about driving just any old car, just imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out that the car I would be driving was the new CC!

The CC combines sleek, sophisticated, and sporty elements that all work together and produce a beautiful outcome and a car that look, feels, and drives, like no other! This four door coupe is perfect for anyone who is looking for an entry level luxury car or that fun sports car that everyone dreams about. It has the look of a coupe with the comfort elements of a sedan all offered at an unbelievable offer!

The interior makes this car unique. The contrasting colors make a bold statement on the soft leather seats! Everything is convenient to find and easily accessible, whether it’s the GPS navigation system or the Ipod adaptor! Anything you could possibly need is within your reach, there are even air vents and cup holders in the back seats, now that’s rare!!

I was impressed at how well this car handled. It is a powerful car with lots of speed, but drives incredibly smoothly! It extremely quiet and almost relaxing to ride in! Whether it’s on the interstate, cutting around sharp curves, or in city traffic, everyone notices this fantastic car! It is also practical and very fuel efficient.

The bottom line is that VW has created a luxury car that is down right fun to drive! My only complaint is that I might get too many speeding tickets if I owned this car, because that much fun should be illegal while driving!

Recap of the Day

I am very appreciative that the VW team took the time out of their busy schedules to start up a partnership with UTC and the College of Business. I learned so much through this experience that I would not have been able to learn elsewhere. It puts everything in new light when you see how everything you’ve been learning in class fits together in to the puzzle of the real world.

Not only did this learning opportunity teach us about VW and their marketing strategies, but I also feel more comfortable and confident when expanding my network. The VW team could not have been any friendlier and eager to talk to the students! Hearing them talk so highly about their careers and experience with Volkswagen had made me reconsider my career options.

I always thought that I wanted to go right in to sales after I graduated from UTC, but now I think it would be awesome to go in to marketing and public relations fields. I want to work in a creative and family oriented environment similar to that described by the team.

This opportunity was so much more that what I could have ever expected. I know a lot of people just went to get extra credit for classes, but I truly participated in this event to learn something. In the final outcome I not only learned more about Volkswagen, but I learned more about myself as well. Now that is extra credit that will last for a lifetime!

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