UTC alumnus and 2004 Olympic gold medalist Dan Beery will be inducted into the National Rowing Foundation’s Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 20, in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.

Beery with teammates at World Rowing Championship

With their 2004 victory, Beery and his teammates comprised the first US Men’s Eight Rowing Division in 40 years to bring home the gold.

“I try to keep in things in perspective,” Beery said.  “As my hunter-killer mentality recedes, I realize how much help I had, which was critical to my success.  It deepens my appreciation for the support I received at UTC and it deepens my appreciation for what I have.”

Beery, who graduated from UTC in 2000, remembers the words UTC Rowing Coach Robert Espeseth gave him the first time he went to rowing camp.  “He said ‘go there–you’ll need a unisuit, t-shirt, and determination,’” according to Beery.

“He always gave me simple advice and let me discover

Dan Beery

some things for myself.  Training was extremely rigorous, but Coach made it enjoyable for

someone who wanted to be in a club sport or made it more challenging for someone who wanted to compete in the Olympics,” Beery said.

Beery also credited Dr. Steve Underwood and Dr. Leroy Fanning for their sound advice.

“I fell asleep one day in Dr. Fanning’s class.  He explained to me that rowing causes a huge drop in blood sugar, and he strongly encouraged me to eat a more balanced diet.  He helped me realize I needed to eat protein with my breakfast, and he gave me other tips that really helped,” Beery said.

He is saddened he will not be accompanied by his best supporter when he joins his teammates at the induction ceremony in March.  His mother, Meredith (Merry) Ann Beery, died suddenly a few weeks ago.  “It will be a bittersweet moment for me in Connecticut.  My mom was always encouraging me, she never told me to quit.  She was the driving force for me,” Berry said.

Retirement from rowing came in 2008 for Beery.  He currently works for a sports insurance agency, A-G Administrators, Inc., King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

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