WUTC FM-88.1 reached its fall membership drive and netted $140,549 towards funding the radio station’s programming costs.  The public radio station licensed to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is the region’s source for programming from National Public Radio, including awarding winning programs like “Morning Edition,”  “All Things Considered,” and “Car Talk.”

One of the more unusual thank you gifts offered by WUTC is the radio station’s “Deejay for an Hour” program.  When listeners make a $288.10 donation to WUTC they are offered the opportunity to play their favorite music on the air. WUTC supplies the engineer, and access to its cd library, but the voice and music selection are provided by the deejay for an hour.

Some members have completed twelve “Deejay for an Hour” sessions because it’s fun to share music with an audience. It’s also the perfect Christmas gift for a family member who loves music.

WUTC recently announced a new digital power increase is now in operation.  On-going work to develop WUTC-2 will soon offer digital listeners a new radio service of music and informational programming.

Listener-supported WUTC provides quality information, entertainment, and musical programming.  Each drive generates checks from Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. During the fall pledge drive, volunteers gave up their days off from work to help answer phones and help donors fill out pledge cards.

WUTC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be heard in analog and digital broadcast formats, plus streamed at wutc.org.

To support local public radio, make a gift of $288.10 and become a deejay for an hour. Please call 423-425-4756.

Media Relations Contacts: Email Chuck Cantrell or call (423) 425-4363.
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