The Center for Community Career Education (CCCE) at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga honored John Goetz, Legislative Aide for US Senator Bob Corker, with the Gail Shulimson Founder’s Award.  Goetz, a UTC alumnus, is the second recipient of the award, named in honor of the woman who spent 25 years at UTC establishing what would become the CCCE, a non-profit career and educational training center. 

from left to right: Belinda Brownlee, director of Upward Bound, Interim Provost Dr. Mary Tanner, John Goetz, Cynthia Long, Director of the Educational Opportunity Center, Sandy Cole, Executive Director, Center for Community Career Education

According to Shulimson’s successor and Executive Director of CCCE, Sandy Cole, Goetz provided excellent advisement in 2011 when the CCCE applied for grants to sustain multiple outreach programs.

Successful efforts with the US Department of Education provided funding for the Educational Opportunity Center which provides educational outreach and counseling for low-income, potential first generation college students pursing post-secondary education and Upward Bound, a program designed to assist low-income and potential first-generation students to pursue their academic pursuits in high school and college.

Additionally, Education Talent Search, a federally funded TriO program was funded as was Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP).

“Our office takes a lot of pride in being able to help Tennesseans resolve issues with federal agencies. I’m proud to accept this honor on behalf of Senator Corker and all those on our staff who work tirelessly to serve our constituents on a daily basis,” Goetz said.

The CCCE was established in 1980.  Dr. Mary Tanner, Interim Provost at UTC, was the first recipient of the Shulimson award.

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