Dr. Pamela Ashmore is the new head of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography. She joins us from the University of Missouri at St. Louis, where she was an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology and Languages.

Ron Buffington is the new head of the Department of Art. Buffington teaches classes in painting, drawing, and critical theory.

Dr. Jeffrey Elwell

Dr. Jeffery Elwell is the new Dean of Arts and Sciences. He served at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) as Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives. He also served as Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officer, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Professor of Dramatic Arts.

Dr. Tom Gavin, Joseph F. Decosimo Professor of Accounting, serves as head of the Department of Accounting in the College of Business.

Dr. Anthony Lease has been named the Interim Dean of the College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies. Lease has been a faculty member at UTC for 14 years.

Dr. Gary Liguori is the new head of the Department of Health and Human Performance. He was an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences at North Dakota State University.

Dr. Michael Sherr

Dr. Michael Sherr is associate professor and the new head of the Department of Social Work. He comes to UTC from Baylor University, where he served as Associate Professor and Director of the Ph.D. Program in the School of Social Work.

Dr. John Swanson

Dr. John Swanson is the new head of the Department of History. He was an Associate Professor of History at Utica College.

Fall 2012 new faculty members include:
Albu Titus,  Chemistry
Pamela Ashmore,  Sociology, Anthropology and Geography
Jessica Auchter, Political Science
Sergei Avdonin,  Mathematics
Andrew Bailey,  Health and Human Performance
Dylan Bloy, History
Benjamin Byard,  Civil Engineering
Amanda Clark, Psychology
David Debter,  Mathematics
Louie Elliot, Engineering
Jeffery Elwell,  Arts and Sciences
Preston Foerder, Psychology
Catharine Franklin,  History
Lani Gao, Mathematics
David Giles, Biological and Environmental Sciences
Stephanie Gillison, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Katie Gohn, Library
John Gordon,  Mathematics
Boris Gorshkov,  History
Carmen Jimenez,  Foreign Languages
Farah Kandah,  Computer Science
Gary Liguori,  Health and Human Performance
Xuhua (Roy) Liu, Mathematics
Hsiang-Wang Liu,  History
David McCarthy,  History
Carrie Meadows,  English
Tessa Mullinax-Baker,  Nursing
Roger Nichols,  Mathematics
Jessica Peacock,  Health and Human Performance
Stephynie Perkins,  Communication
Rosebelle Peters,  Nursing
James Pickard,  English
Melissa Powell,  Health and Human Performance
Shelley Pritchard,  UTeaChattanooga
Charles Remy,  Library
Laurel Rhyne,  Nursing
Lynn Robertson,  UTeaChattanooga
Brian Rogers,  Library
Ahmed Rubaai, Electrical Engineering
Robert Schmidt,  Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Michael Sherr,  Social Work
Sarah Sloan,  Health and Human Performance
Heather Stanfield,  Nursing
John Swanson,  History
Carmen Tolley,  Nursing
Aggie Toppins,  Art
Seth Waldecker,  Physics
David Witt,  Management

New faculty at Faculty Orientation

Dr. Pamela Ashmore,  Sociology, Anthropology and Geography
Dr. Sergei Avdonin,  Mathematics
Dr. Jeffery Elwell,  Arts and Sciences
Dr. Randy Evans,  Management
Dr. Martina Harris,  Nursing
Dr. Gale Iles,  Criminal Justice
Dr. Katherine Karl,  Management
Dr. Steve Karman,  Computational Engineering
Dr. Gary Liguori, Health and Human Performance
Dr. Merwin McCoy, School of Education
Dr. Heather Palmer,  English
Dr. Lynn Purkey,  Foreign Languages
Dr. Mina Sartipi,  Computer Science
Dr. Michael Sherr,  Social Work
Dr. Christine Smith,  Nursing
Dr. John Swanson,  History
Dr. Christi Wann,  Accounting
Dr. Miriam Zwitter,  Nursing

Promotion to Professor
Dr. Betsy Alderman, Communication
Dr. Susan Davidson, Nursing
Dr. Barbara Cherry Guinn, Nursing
Dr. Katherine Karl, Management
Dr. Margaret Kovach, Biological and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Darrell Meece, School of Education
Dr. Sean Richards, Biological and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Anthony Steinhoff, History
Dr. Steven Symes, Chemistry
Dr. Sandy Watson, School of Education
Dr. Michelle White, History
Dr. Joe Wilferth, English

Promotion to Associate Professor
Dr. Gale Iles, Criminal Justice
Dr. Nandini Makrandi, Art
Dr. John Matthews, Mathematics
Dr. Heather Palmer, English
Dr. Lynn Purkey, Foreign Languages
Dr. Keith Richards, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

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