Big landscape changes are underway in the heart of campus.   Construction has begun on:  a series of sloped sidewalks and steps with handrails on Cardiac Hill from Heritage Plaza to Oak Street; an accessible walkway to extend from Vine to Oak; and a new location for the Student Park.  It will be nestled close to the Crossroads dining facility in Guerry Center.

“This project will put in place one of the most transformational changes to the campus in our history,” said Janet Spraker, Director of Engineering Services at UTC.  “It was initiated as the second phase of the Pedestrian Mall along what used to be Baldwin Street through campus.  The first phase was completed in 2007 when a pedestrian gateway entrance at East 5th between the UC and Holt was built with sidewalks, legacy trees and new lighting leading to Heritage Plaza on Vine Street.”

The relocation of the Student Park will incorporate the current fountain and inscribed bricks.  New tables will be added.

Among the 82 new trees planned for the area, 14 different varieties will be represented to add more species, in support of our arboretum classification.

“Though some trees had to be removed to install the new accessible pathway, the existing campus tree stock will increase considerably. Most other trees in the site are being protected and some relocated as part of the finished plan,” Spraker explained.

The Chamberlain Pavilion, an open-air structure, will serve as the centerpiece for new gathering areas and venues.

Pedestrians are using a temporary walkway to bypass the construction, which is scheduled for completion in summer 2013.

The facilities fee will pay the debt service for the project.

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