UTC and the Chattanooga community welcome the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities to our city as we host the 2012 conference “Working Together Works: Progress Through Partnerships,” October 13-16.

“The partnerships between our community and our campus demonstrate perfectly the synergy and success that result from effective partnerships, and we believe participants in the conference will gain valuable insight into translating Chattanooga’s success for their own communities,” said Dr. Roger Brown, former UTC Chancellor.

Chattanooga offers a perfect setting to discuss how shared visioning, strategic planning, and community planning come together to create a sustainable, vibrant, and progressive city in which to work, live, play, and learn.

During the conference, conference participants will gain a behind-the-scenes view through candid panel discussions, tours, and insightful presentations on what it takes to create a successful city and what role a university must play in the process.

Learn more about the conference speakers, presentations, and panel discussions as well as special events planned before and during the conference here.

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