As this year’s election race heats up, voters see politicians plugging in everywhere, including social media sites. This has some wondering what the political scene was like before the explosion of campaign ads and political Twitter updates.

Buttons from past political campaigns displayed at the Lupton Library

This fall semester, the Special Collections of the UTC Lupton Library is offering people the chance to stroll through some of America’s political history. The library is featuring an exhibit of political memorabilia from the 20th and 21st centuries.

“Every four years during election season, we display political memorabilia from our Special Collections,” said Steve Cox, Head of Special Collections and University Archivist. “We have large photographs from Associated Press photographer John Rous and personal letters from past presidents. We also have buttons and stickers from various political campaigns throughout the years given to us by a former professor.”

The exhibit is displayed on the first floor of Lupton Library and in the Special Collections office on the second floor. For those who enjoy the virtual experience, the library also offers a digital exhibit that can be viewed at here.

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