Do you have an electrical engineering, biology, psychology or criminal justice undergraduate degree and an interest in technology?  The Master of Science in Computer Science program could be what you need to advance your career.

There are two entry paths into the Master of Science in Computer Science program, one for those with an undergraduate degree in computer science who want to continue their education, and another for those who have a Bachelor of Science in another discipline and want to try something new.

“Anyone who is eager to change their career or move to an interdisciplinary career that requires knowledge and skills in computer science will benefit from this degree,” explained Dr. Li Yang, graduate program coordinator for UTC Computer Science and Engineering.  “They will get life-long learning skills, be exposed to cutting edge technology, work closely with excellent faculty who win national awards, and a higher degree for their career path.  There are no specific requirements for skills to be admitted and enrolled to the program and certainly interests and experiences in programming will facilitate the transition.”

Working professionals may take one or two classes per semester.  Most graduate courses are either offered in the evening or online.

Those considering this program can expect to take three foundation courses, designed for students with no Computer Science degree to prepare for the Computer Science graduate program. They may also expect three or less mathematics courses–calculus, discrete mathematics, and statistics—dependent upon their undergraduate discipline.

“It will take three years or less for full time students to finish and longer time for part-time students to finish,” Yang said.

Currently, approximately one-third of students enrolled in the Master of Science in Computer Science program are from disciplines other than Computer Science, and these students have been successful, Yang said.

“We have run this program for several years, and career placement for students from this program is excellent so far,” she said.

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