The UTC Challenger STEM Learning Center was the sight of a sweet promotion on March 19. Little Debbie marked the official debut of their newest product by launching it at UTC – literally.

challenger-center-2014-weather-balloon-launch-09The new Cosmic Cupcake, a hybrid of the company’s Chocolate Cupcakes and Cosmic Brownies products, was attached to a weather balloon along with several GoPro cameras that provided live footage from the balloon, a GPS tracker, and an astronaut themed bobble head named Commander Little Debbie.

Chris McKee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, gave a brief presentation, and then guests were invited outside to view the launch. Spectators included students from the Bright Elementary School, who were at the Challenger Center as a part of a school field trip. Paul Barys, WRCB-TV’s chief meteorologist, was on hand to explain the science behind weather balloons.

The balloon was expected to reach a height of up to 18 miles and travel as far as 110 miles. Cosmic Brownies, along with Commander Little Debbie, have officially been to space, and it all started at the UTC STEM Challenger Learning Center.

In February, McKee Foods donated $10,000 to the UTC Challenger STEM Learning Center. The center’s mission control is now named in honor of the late Ruth McKee, who was an original founder of the company in 1934.

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