By Caitlin Peabody

When we left Chattanooga last Thursday, I don’t think the group was fully prepared for what the next 24 hours would hold. We made our way to the Atlanta airport around 12:30 p.m., with our flight leaving around 5 pm. Our flight would be connecting in Frankfurt, Germany for a 4 hour layover.

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean when it’s pitch black outside was probably one of the most scary and exciting things I have done. After our 4 hour layover in Frankfurt, we then boarded our flight to Krakow around 12 on Friday. The flight was quick and the drive to the hotel from the airport was even faster. At this point we had all been together for 24 hours plus without showering and in a completely foreign place, you could say we had formed a bond with the realization that we would be the only people we would know for the next 10 days.

We did a little adventuring on Friday and just acclimated ourselves to our new home for the next few days. So far with everything that I had seen in Poland, I was in love.

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