By Michael Lawrence

Today was an interesting day. We toured the Rynek Underground and learned a lot about medieval Cracow, Poland. Our tour guide Tomasz was very informative.  After that we saw the University in downtown Cracow and had some free time to walk around. We explored Wawel Castle and ate some of the local food in Cracow.  We ate American pizza.

The Polish people seem a little standoffish until you engage the ones who can speak English in person, and then they are very friendly. We went just off of the Market Square and met a bunch of older and younger people from the UK who loved to talk about America and its culture. Later that night, we ate at a restaurant in the Jewish quarter called the Klezmer-Hois that offered an entire menu of kosher dishes.  All of the courses in the meal were extremely different, but at the same time, very good.

Overall it was a very good experience for the first day in Cracow and the people are extremely nice and helpful once engaged in conversation.

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