Sequoya Review 2016 featuretteUTC’s literary and arts magazine, Sequoya Review, 2016 edition is now available in the UC Lobby (magazine stands) and Holt Reading Room (second floor of Holt Hall).

Edited and published by a team of undergraduate students, Sequoya Review features work from students across the Campus and has been a part of UTC since 1965. The magazine is brimming with student submitted art, poetry, and creative writing, both fiction and nonfiction, from cover to cover. So, what should you expect from this year’s edition?

“We are always immensely grateful for those who contribute. This year we had a record number of art submissions (triple from last year!) and that was so cool in so many ways. We’re a literary and arts magazine, but since we are published through an English class and out of the English department, sometimes it’s hard to reach the artists,” said Rachel Smith, Editor, Sequoya Review.

Smith explained that this year’s submissions also had a high number of interpretive pieces.

“It was gratifying to watch the staff discuss the meaning of a piece for fifteen minutes, because I knew it meant our readers would have similar reactions. It was a goal of mine to have a journal that could be read multiple times and still enjoyed, and I think we achieved that this year.”

As faculty advisor, Sybil Baker, UC Foundation Associate Professor, English, oversaw the editing and publishing process for this year’s edition. From her position she’s watched the Sequoya Review evolve through past years. She singled out one pattern that’s emerged:

“In some years one category/genre might be stronger than another, but overall in terms of quality and outreach, I think the SR gets better every year.”

Next year, Dr. Sarah Einstein, Assistant Professor, English will oversee the publication of Sequoya Review as advisor.

“If you don’t know her [Einstein] yet, you’re missing out,” Smith noted. “She’s going to take the journal to new heights.”

The 2016 edition features an interview with Einstein where she admits how “blown away” she is by the hard working students she’s encountered since joining our Campus last year. She also offers some insight,

“I used to be the managing editor for Brevity, and hanging on my wall was the Worst Piece Anyone Ever Sent to Brevity. It was my piece. I kept it there for a reason, because I don’t think I could be anywhere if I hadn’t written big, steamy piles of crappy writing.” Einstein continued, “If you don’t write terrible crap then you aren’t pushing yourself, and if you aren’t pushing yourself, you aren’t going to improve.”

Sequoya Review, is also on  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Media Relations Contacts: Email Shawn Ryan or call (423) 425-4363.

Sarah is a staff writer in UTC's Office of Communications and Marketing.

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