Year of the Metal Rat: Juried Student Art Show is on display until Feb. 21 at the Contemporary Cress, 123 E. 7th Street, Chattanooga. Admission is free and open to the public by appointment only. Email the to schedule a time.

With renovations of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Fine Arts Center in full swing, Cress Gallery relocates from its on-campus home to a new space near the heart of downtown at 123 E 7th Street.

Currently on exhibit is the art department’s juried student show, Year of the Metal Rat, featuring pieces selected by Jiha Moon, visiting juror and artist from Georgia State University.

“She and I chose this theme, Year of the Metal Rat, which is 2020’s year in the Chinese zodiac, as a fun way to start the new year,” explains Rachel Reese, who took over as director and curator for the Cress Gallery in early January.

“She was really interested in looking at and selecting student work where a student was looking at new directions or pushing themselves and finding that in-between space. It was her first time on campus and she was really impressed by all of the student work being made here.”

Out of 89 submissions, 39 student pieces were selected for the show. From video work and zines to textiles and sculpture, the pieces demonstrate how UTC student artists are interested in crossing all genres, Reese says.


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Sarah is a staff writer in UTC's Office of Communications and Marketing.

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