During the Fall 2017 semester I was given the opportunity to travel abroad to Argentina. This trip was designed to help us expand our knowledge into international business and culture. I can say without a doubt that this trip exceeded our expectations. I was able to arrive in Argentina a few days early to gain the most. After we arrived, we spent a day in Uruguay, seeing the natural beauty of the country. We walked down the cobble streets and shopped through the outside markets. After leaving Uruguay, we flew to Mendoza. Mendoza is known as the wine capital of South America. We toured several vineyards and olive farms, while having the most amazing view of the Andes Mountains.

After the class all arrived, we spent the first day taking a bus tour of the city. There was a large financial convention occurring downtown, so parts of the city were not accessible by bus. A few of us decided to take off on foot to explore parts of the city we were unable to see. The following day, we traveled to the Tigre Delta where I was able to take a kayak down the river and explore it. Later that night, I got to go to the Colon Theatre and experience an opera. It was by far one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. However, Iguazu Falls were the best aspect of the trip. I cannot truly find the words to explain to someone how beautiful the falls were. The pictures cannot begin to do it justice.





The businesses that we toured helped me better understand international business and the culture of Argentina. EXO was a tech company that is what Argentina considered one of the best. Many of the technologies that EXO created were things that we see almost daily, but to the people of Argentina, they were considered new or groundbreaking in their field. Other companies we visited talked to us about the benefits that their employers provided for them. One of the presentations discussed how one of their best benefits was free parking. In our society, we expect certain benefits from an employer, and something as small as parking is one of them.

I fully believe that this trip gave me more confidence and experience in international business and culture. I know that this experience will help me in the future with my career and employers. I highly recommend that all students should have the chance to travel or study abroad. This opened my eyes and made me excited to visit more of the world to learned about various cultures.

Macy Cudd is a double major in Marketing and Finance. She participated in a College of Business faculty led trip to Argentina in December, 2017. 

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