Going abroad definitely opened my eyes to a new side of the world. The culture here was so vastly different compared to the way the United States operates in ways such as their daily lives and even the things they valued and revolved around. I gained a new perspective on the world around me which is the most important thing I brought back from the entire trip. Aside from this, I have such a immeasurable amount of knowledge on all the plants and animals of the island from which I learned to always be cautious of what is around you as you never know what’s hiding in the reefs.

It definitely got rough around the fourth and fifth days because the heat will start getting to you and you’re probably pretty sunburned at this point, but as long as you keep trucking it all gets better. Also, I learned that you can NEVER be too over packed. I had three bags and still there were things I forgot, so make a list weeks ahead of time and constantly add to it. The food at the GRC was amazing. You get really awesome home cooked meals and I promise it’s so much better than Crossroads, no offense.

I cannot express how important sun screening your entire body is as well, including your feet. Words of advice: take lots of pictures of everything, even if you don’t think it’s necessary, take it anyways because you’ll never know what you’ll need to show once you get back. Make sure you have extra storage devices and chargers but be prepared to have a limited access to outlets. Bring a surplus of clothing, comfortable and cute. And also be aware of the haulback plant and the fact that you can INDEED break Chaco’s. The last thing I think is most important to understand about this trip is that island time really does exist. So be careful or you’ll get lost within the island.

Brittany Jaggars is double majoring in Computer Science (Software Systems) and Marketing with minors in English Writing and French . She participated in a faculty led trip to the Bahamas during Spring Break, 2018.

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