Studying abroad was an opportunity like no other I have ever had the chance to experience. I have always been fascinated with traveling and visiting other countries, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. This trip I got the chance to spend my Spring Break in Rome, Italy. I’ve always been drawn to this place and its history since I was a child. As soon as you walk down a street in Rome, you can just feel the magic that the city has to offer. It is a city filled with such history, and no matter where you turn, you are very aware of how old and special the place is.

I was continually in awe of the buildings and the people everywhere we went. Being able to visit and see certain sites like the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain were experiences that are almost too surreal to describe. No amount of pictures could truly do Rome justice. It is just one of those places you have to experience for yourself to get the true beauty.

My favorite place we visited was the Vatican City. It was an extremely special and humbling moment just to be in a place considered so Holy. Not only was Rome filled with amazing historical sites, it is also filled with amazing food. It was interesting to see how different Americans consider Italian cuisine and what it is actually like. The food was a special experience in itself.

Not only did I have an amazing opportunity to explore this new place, I also genuinely learned a lot from the class itself. The class teaches you various things about Roman history, including how Rome was founded to the various kings/emperors that reigned. Not only do you get to read some interesting pieces written by the historical figures themselves, but you also get to read some of the mythology that comes along with Rome. It made the trip that much more special when you could actually see the places and the things that you had been reading about through the semester in person.

Chelse Reed is majoring in Legal Assistant Studies and spent Spring Break 2019 in Rome, Italy as part of a faculty-led trip for a Classics 1200 course. Chelse had the following to say about studying abroad, “There’s nothing like being able to study abroad. Not only do you get the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, you also get the chance to make lifelong relationships with the people you meet in class and abroad.”

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