Welcome to our first edition of the Global Gab! Each month, we will be highlighting one of our CGE staff members so you can love them as much as we do. This week, we are showcasing our wonderful graphic design and marketing coordinator, Amy.
Q: Amy, what do you do for the global office?
A: Simply put, I’m in charge of making pretty things like videos, event graphics, and taking pictures so that everybody can know how awesome our office is.
Amy is holding the camera to take a smiling selfie. She is wearing a blue beanie and a grey UTC hoodie. There are rock formations behind her in the background.
Q: What would you do if you were given all the time in the world?
A: I would definitely be rock climbing as much as possible. Sometimes the weather isn’t great, so if I couldn’t climb, I would be hanging out with my two cats, Ginger and Wasabi, and binge-watching K-dramas.
Amy is holding her two cats, Ginger and Wasabi.
Q: What brought you to Chattanooga?
A: I moved here in 2013 for school, and I’ve been here ever since. When I came to visit for the first time, I absolutely fell in love with Chattanooga.
Amy is climbing a rock formation on a sunny day.
Q: What’s something you love and appreciate about Chattanooga?
A: I love the variety of food you can get in Chattanooga. There are tons of different cuisines from different areas of the world, and even if you don’t think they’re authentic, they’re still unique. My favorite is Korean, and thankfully, we now have a lot of different Korean food options in town. I’m full of recommendations, so let me know if you need one!
Amy is wearing a medical mask and is holding a camera while taking a mirror selfie.
Q: What’s the most impactful part of your job?
A: Before working for the Center for Global Education, I really wasn’t that aware of international education or students, but since working here, I’ve become obsessed with learning about other cultures and traveling. Because of working here, it feels like I have been able to experience those countries and cultures despite not physically having gone there yet.
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